Offshore Achievements

  • Web development of the schedule management on mobile
  • Packet Viewer
  • PDF Statistical table management create system
  • Image Processing/VDO Editor
  • Packaged software sales management system
  • Sale Management System
  • Product Presentation and Quotation System
  • Sales support system on tablet (multi-language, multi-platform)
  • Camera-embedded software

  • [Salesforce Offshore]

    Sale consult company Salesforce introductory support
    Games developement company salesforce facilities Management function notification
    Time card collection
    Personnel management Gantt chart
    Planning company Photographer schedule management system
    Studio management system
    Cosmetics manufacturing and sales Calendar System
    Equipment reservation development
    Real estate developer Salesforce introductory support<
    Healthcare industry Sales personnel, weekly action plan
    Secondhand goods Sale Salesforce introductory support
    Electric Power retail Electric Power retail development

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